• Cyclists along the corridor
  • Snikroc Farm
  • School bus and traffic
  • Public transit and traffic


The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Agency (CAMPO) in conjunction with the Durham Chapel Hill Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization (DCHC MPO) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is studying the N.C. 98 corridor from U.S. 70 in Durham County through Wake County to U.S. 401 in Franklin County, North Carolina. This study will evaluate the safety and mobility, planned and existing roads, bicycle/pedestrian facilities and transit uses of N.C. 98. The project study area will be approximately a quarter mile (1/4) on either side of N.C. 98, but will vary at critical areas. Additionally, significant destinations where commuters use N.C. 98 will be given special attention.

This approximately 27-mile section of N.C. 98 contains varied land uses, including urban east Durham, scattered suburban development in eastern Durham and northern Wake Counties, rural agricultural/open space uses, and natural resource and recreational uses around Falls Lake.

The issues and needs are expected to vary in magnitude and importance along the corridor depending on the character of environs, urban or rural.

This study will involve not only traffic and engineering analysis, but also a thorough stakeholder engagement component.

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