There will be several opportunities to participate in determining the long term improvement of N.C. 98.

Public Events

Pop Up Events — Pop Up Events are informational tables stationed at community locations with staff available to educate, answer questions, and receive input. Several of these opportunities to interact with the project team will be available throughout the course of the study. These will be drop in events where individuals can meet for as short as 5 mins or as long as they desire. Schedule of events will be available soon. Please check back.

Project Public Meetings — There will be 4 meetings (2 in the eastern section of the corridor and 2 in the west). The first 2 will be early in the project to understand the concerns and vision of all stakeholders. The second round of meetings will showcase the potential solutions based on information gathered from the all stakeholders. The stakeholders will have the opportunity to critique these solutions. Meeting details now available. See our Latest News section for details.

Small Group Meetings

There will be several small group meetings with community groups, clubs, neighborhood organizations, and homeowners associations (HOAs). You are encouraged to participate through these groups or have your group contact the study team for consultation.

Electronic Participation

Project Website — Citizens can visit this website to see an overview of the project and ask questions or provide comments. A comment form is available to collect public input online and a crowdsource map is available as an additional way to provide input. The project team will review comments and suggestions to evaluate how input may be implemented. As these areas of concern are identified and potential solutions are developed these will be mapped for anyone to see and contribute.

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